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Does U-SNAP-BAC Help Homeowners in jeopardy of foreclosure? 
Yes, U-SNAP-BAC helps homeowners in jeopardy of losing their homes to foreclosure. We have certified counselors available to assist you, it's not too late! We help homeowners via face-to-face counseling in order to set up a workout plan to prevent foreclosure before it happens.

Does U-SNAP-BAC provide financial assistance with foreclosure prevention?
Unfortunately, there is currently no financial assistance with foreclosure prevention available however we have been successful with helping homeowners work out strategies with their mortgage companies that requires no additional payments.

I need help, how do I contact a foreclosure prevention counselor?
In order to contact our foreclosure prevention counselor, please contact us.

Are there group sessions I can attend to get more information about foreclosure prevention?
Yes, there are group sessions you can attend to get information about foreclosure prevention. Quarterly the U-SNAP-BAC holds large group meetings tailored towards giving homeowners tools to prevention foreclosure. For upcoming workshops, contact us.
Mortgage Assistance
The programs vary in what lenders can offer. In some cases, direct financial assistance may be provided to help you pay your mortgage for a short period of time. Payment plans or reduced monthly payments may be offered. However, we help facilitate some form of loan modification to qualified homeowners. This will provide families time to get back on track by ideally lowering their monthly payment, reducing interest rates, or waiving fees. 
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City of Detroit Homeowners Property Tax Assistance Program
Each Applicant must own and occupy the property at his/her primary Homestead as of December of the prior year. A Homestead with a Taxable Value of $95,000 and above will not be considered for exemption unless there are extenuating circumstances. All Homesteads and/or and applications with this set of circumstances must submit signed legal and/or medical documentation to the Board of Review. Homeowner's household income that does not exceed a proportioned amount over the stated guidelines for full exemption may be granted a fifty-percent (50%) partial exemption.
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Step Forward Michigan
All it takes is a big, unexpected expense or a few months of unemployment, and you're behind on your mortgage or tax payments. Before you know it, you're facing foreclosure. But you don't have to let your home get away from you. The Step Forward Michigan program can help you catch up. They've given financial assistance to thousands of homeowners like you! To find out if you may be eligible for assistance through Step Forward Michigan, call today to just answer a few simple questions. If you qualify to apply, we can assist you with the application. If you don't, we may still be able to direct you to other resources.
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Loan Firm's Scam May Cost Home

Beware of any company requiring a payment before services are performed.

How to avoid Loan Modification Scams
If you are considering working with a loan modification company to avoid foreclosure, here are some tips from the Michigan Attorney General's office to avoid being scammed:
  •  Don't sign any documents without reading them first. 
  •  Don't transfer title or sell your home to the foreclosure rescuer. 
  •  Don't pay money to a foreclosure rescuer before any work has been done.    
  • This is illegal in Michigan under the Credit Services Protection Act. 
  •  Don't ignore letters from your lender/loan servicer.  
  • Don't pay your mortgage payment to someone other than your lender. 
  • Do contact HUD at 800-569-4287 or the Michigan State Housing Development Authority at 866-946-7432 for a referral to a housing counselor near you. 

REPORT scammers to the Attorney General's consumer protection division at 877-765-8388.
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