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Detroit Housing Network


The Detroit Housing Network’s mission is to create healthy neighborhoods and advance racial equity in our communities by increasing housing stability and affordable homeownership for Detroit residents.

Collectively, The Detroit Housing Network embodies an alliance of housing nonprofits that have come together to uphold the right to clear and equitable access to housing services in Detroit.

The members of the Detroit Housing Network connect Detroit households to a wide variety of housing programs and services available in Detroit.

This network of experienced nonprofit Members works with residents to find, understand, and apply for the housing assistance they need.


  1. Increase utilization of housing stability services by providing a holistic set of resources for homeowners, homebuyers, and renters that address barriers to housing stability.
  2. Increase resident access to housing stability services through resident outreach and communications.
  3. Improve housing service delivery model through an integrated system of collaborative partnerships between network Members, local providers, and the city.
  4. Improve housing services results through a robust and centralized data and communication system.
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